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One-Stop Service

Gridow provides one-stop service for enterprises. You can record and manage your video after entering customize video website portal. We integrate live webcasting, on-demand streaming, encoding, transcoding, master control, editing and video post. With computers and the Internet, You can easily produce live webcasting, on-demand video with the file and save, manage, edit your video on the cloud.

Interactive Multimedia Interfaces

Gridow video service allows you to go beyond "pure audio" message transfer effect. We support audio, brief dual-screen showing, let audience use briefing to know more about speaker’s information, to achieve a better viewing experience. Gridow video service also has online chat room, the questionnaire/voting mechanism, you can free to use to achieve the best ways.

Security Control

We provide enterprises with strict security control mechanism, you can depend on different programs to limit staff, organization, Domain or IP viewing permission and tracking the audience behavior from the backstage. When you open chat room, even for public programs, but in order to avoid inappropriate messages, you can still select "many to many" or "many to one" chat mode. This will show characteristics of the chat room users need to provide different levels of permissions to fully meet the needs of control.

Complete Cloud API

Free API, GES can be integrated with your existing enterprise platform. For example, put GES in a campaign management platform, internal sales training platform, or online educational audio, effectively enlarge platform's diversity and usability of your enterprise.